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estrella vista time

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Estrella Vista Time

by Lone Heron

The pace of life at Estrella Vista is notably different from the rest of the world. It lacks the frenetic pace found in more urban areas. For years Dan has been telling me he lives on “Estrella Vista Time,” but Estrella Vista is timeless.

Estrella Vista is the perfect place for a recovering parricide. It lacks the triggers and temptations found in more densely populated areas.

The overwhelming energetic vibrations produced by traffic and buzzing power lines are non-existent. The incessant chatter of people creating a tower of babble are also absent. It’s very much what I imagine life would have been like 100 years ago. It is a simpler life void of mega theaters, Starbucks, and Walmarts. I have yet to see the first homeless person holding up a sign for whatever. The roads aren’t littered with trash by thoughtless passersbyes. There are no red lights and the stop signs are just a quick stop instead of a stop, roll forward 10 feet, stop, roll……before finally your turn comes to go.

Here Mother Nature still rules, and if you don’t pay attention, she will kick your ass in ways you would have never considered.

Those who are lucky enough to meet Dan and gain his support have an opportunity to turn themselves around here. The landscape alone seems to permeate a healing energy that wraps itself around you in a warm cloud of dust compelling awe and diffusing the fight-or-flight aspect of life. There is nowhere to run and after being here four days, even my big aggressive 95 lb Pit, Great Dane, Akita mix mutt, Bruce has mellowed out and seems to have found his place in the

Dan”s vision and attitude are amazing but more growth needs to occur for this place to become all it can be.

I believe parricides are not created by the parents alone. Society contributes to these events by turning blind eyes and refusing to stand up for the abused child. Dan Dailey does his best to stand up and help, but he can’t do it alone. I am committed to help as much as I can, and Alex seems to have made great progress in his turning-around. The healing skills I have shared with Alex seem to have shot him forward in his recovery. After four days of my healing influence, he has become more grounded, more focused, and his anger and fear seem to have dramatically reduced, allowing him respite from fight-or-flight.

Not long ago Dan told me of one of his readers said Alex was a “lost cause.” To that person I would like to say SHAME ON YOU! If you don’t have anything nice to say SHUT your fucking mouth. I can say that because once upon a time others said the same thing about me and they were wrong… I have overcome my childhood. Not only have I survived and held a steady job for the past 25 years, but I have also paid my taxes and reached out to attempt to help others, with many successes. You people who push others down with negative statements like ‘lost cause’ are the lost cause itself. I would encourage you to consider the negativity you project and what part of yourself is the ‘lost cause.’ For those of you who believe anything is possible, thank you.

For the rest of you remember: What goes around comes around.

Dan does amazing things, and today after seeing for myself that not only is Dan very real but he is the closest thing to a selfless saint I have ever met. He is human, he is not perfect but he does have great aspirations and his intentions are truly good.

I ask for those who can to please support Dan and the Estrella Vista project to help those who are upside down in life turn around. Open your check books $5 to $500—more or less whatever you can spare will not be wasted and you will be contributing to improving and overcoming the negative aspects of humanity.

I know not everyone can do what Dan does but there is no excuse for those of you who can’t not to support him. We need more people like Dan in this world. He makes it a better world providing hope and a beacon of light. With your support he can do more, and the more he does the nicer the world will be for the rest of us.


Lone Heron has published a true story called Inherited Rage, which describes her upbringing in a severely abusive family. The book relates how she survived by killing both her parents as a teen, and how she has walked the long road to Redemption ever since then. She has transformed herself into a natural healer of extraordinary ability and insight, which she hopes to put to work at Estrella Vista.


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