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timeless antiquity


Timeless Antiquity

by Lone Heron

I’ve already mentioned that Estrella vista is timeless, but I have had that point driven home to me the past couple of days. This place is truly ancient.

Walking about the desert I have found fossils left behind like a forgotten sock sitting on the floor of the laundry room. They remind me my moment here is but a small blink of an eye as I try to absorb the energy presented.

Today the wind blows so hard it seems as if the windmills will be ripped from their stands. They roar as if they are a small crop duster instead of electricity-manufacturing devices. It seems like the wind is trying to blow away the present and return one to a forgotten time long before humans ever conceived of themselves, much less the the destruction they have rendered with asphalt, high rise buildings, and atrocities like parricide.

These hills remind me on a deeper level that I too am a mighty survivor and it seems they beckon me to be reborn. They call me to shed my skin of modern life and return to days gone by and forgotten by much of the world. Here there is no need for the mental masturbation provided by modern activities such as golf, baseball, concerts, shopping malls, or theaters. Here a walk in the desert puts your focus on the present—the true here and now. You don’t have the option of escaping mentally; if you do, the cactus thorns will quickly bring you back.

The wildlife is amazing and if you are paying attention you will see wondrous things.

Driving in, I was greeted by thirteen eagles. I’ve tried to capture them in a picture to share but my camera is not so adept. I’ve been sleeping with a gecko (seen above) who lives in the back room where I have chosen to sleep. When I first spotted him, I caught him and put him in a jar so I could study him and learn more about him. After satisfying my mind with identification, I released him back into the bedroom. Geckos aren’t poisonous and research says they like to eat bugs, so I would rather sleep with a gecko than a bug… and it seems that their is a history of people keeping them indoors for just that purpose. Much better, I think, than the modern day extermination practices.

Today I saw a beautiful red racer snake—he was about 5 feet long and quite stunning—but gone before I even remembered I had a camera. The desert seems timeless but the creatures who live here all move with a quickness that is very ‘now you see me, now you don’t,’ and like magic they disappear before your eyes.

The landscape here is mesmerizing, and all who can should have the experience. It is healing. It is transforming, and it is thought provoking.


Lone Heron has published a true story called Inherited Rage, which describes her upbringing in a severely abusive family. The book relates how she survived by killing both her parents as a teen, and how she has walked the long road to Redemption ever since then. She has transformed herself into a natural healer of extraordinary ability and insight, which she hopes to put to work at Estrella Vista.




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