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honor to the merciful

Have Mercy sign.

by Alex King

I remember a time years ago when I had completely lost hope in humanity. All I saw, everywhere I went, was a society functioning. Nowhere was there life. I began to believe that all humans had lost their vitality, had lost those things that make us beautiful, unique and powerful. This was the cause of the “dark days.” My time at the crossroads and my journey back to Estrella Vista once again opened my mind to the fantasy of utopia, my eyes to the evidence that there are those still striving for it.

During my travels, I lost everything. The details are inconsequential, because now, in hindsight, I see that this was necessary. While I was on the street, destitute, two people aided me in small, but very significant, ways. These two, as I came to find out, were merely a precursor. They helped me to open my heart to those to come. The first stranger gave me food and a small amount of money. The other gave me socks and shoes. Both times, these strangers approached me while I was resting. Oftentimes, we need to simply sit and wait.

In other instances, a great effort is required. My left knee and both of my feet were damaged. Thankfully, I had shoes and socks, though I hadn’t eaten since that stranger gave me a meal. It was nighttime and the rain was cold. Shivering, hungry, in pain and exhausted near to collapse, I walked as fast as I could. Some higher power was watching over me because I knew that, somewhere ahead of me, someone would be waiting. This individual gave me a lift, fed me, gave me a place to stay for the night, gave me clothes and dropped me off at a convenient rendezvous point for Lone Heron.

I honor the merciful, those I’ve met as well as those unknown to me. Myriad forms of mercy can be called upon to be bestowed on those whose paths we cross. It takes a world of courage to show this mercy. Nothing is ever gained without sacrifice. Most of the time, the only sacrifice needed is that we crucify our own fear and pride. Unfortunately, common acts of mercy are becoming less common, but each of these acts possesses the capacity to alter lives for the better.

Note that common acts of mercy are not at all common, but extraordinary. To those in this world who have the courage to show mercy, I give my utmost respect. Without their light, despair would have consumed my personal sun.


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