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life renewed


by Alex King

Following the events of my last post, I met up with Lone Heron. She was traveling to Estrella Vista and had graciously agreed to let me ride with her. Though I had no idea what I was in for, I could tell this trip would not be boring. Because I know my personality is abrasive, I decided to, at first, offer in my own way lighthearted conversation on this ride. My offer was insistently refused.

As always, my first ploy was to attempt the use of the red herring. I wanted to divert her attention. However, Lone Heron did not allow the conversation to be diverted. She persisted in digging for my story long enough that I finally decided to start telling it. Little by little, I began to divest more of the truth. We were walking backwards through my experiences, and as we did, she regaled me with her observations.

Lone Heron and I remained locked in debate for almost the entire trip. Throughout this process, we learned a lot about each other. She helped me find my way out of the chasms in my own mind. When a person’s psyche is shattered, it’s hard not to get lost. Add advanced emotional disorders to the situation (like rage) and you’ve got a recipe for the next award-winning horror film. No matter the situation, redemption is possible. Society knocks “jailhouse religion”, but halfheartedly trying something is better than not trying at all.

By the time Lone Heron left to return home, my body was healed, my mind was vastly recovered (and is still on the mend, now) and in my heart, I knew I had an ally. In essence, I had been given a brand-new life.


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