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lost corridors

corridor 1.

by Alex King

When I met Lone Heron, she encouraged me to read her book, Inherited Rage. I’ll share with you my thoughts:

Desolation comes from negligence. I formed this theory in my teenage years, and now, this work has confirmed what I’ve believed. In turn, desolation breeds desperation. Child suicide is tragic, but child parricide is heinous. Both are motivated by the same driving force. When are we, as a society, going to stop passing judgement (good or ill) on causality and start addressing causation.

This book gives an excellent inside view of the mentality associated with parricide cases. Because Lone Heron was older than me at the time of the incident, her mind fought harder to defend itself against the horrors she was enduring. This resulted in a severe altered perception. It’s near impossible for most adults to regress to a preteen age, but this piece describes something well within the capability of most.

Backstory is necessary when delving into the psychological break that transpires just before the incident. The first part of Inherited Rage is difficult to read. It was hard for me to process the level of torture Lone Heron, as a child and teenager, was forced to endure. in the latter portion, however, she recounts the start of her personal path to redemption.

No psychology text can replace a first-hand account. I recommend this book for anyone interested in gaining a deeper insight into the causation of parricide. Sensationalism, as portrayed in the media, robs these victims of circumstance of their true story. Each telling is unique so I encourage you to read this work and, if interested in specific correlations, email me at and I will provide this information.

Perception is reality. Damaging a child’s perception will have terrible consequence in their future. Let’s aid them in the path to redemption through compassion and understanding.



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