star rising

the moon.

I will never forget my surprise four years ago when I realized that the star Holly and I had chosen as an eternal remembrance of one another—a way to remain connected after she died—rises today, on her birthday. You can read about it here, in a post I wrote at that time.

They say there is no such thing as a coincidence, and believe me, this experience has made me a believer in this saying.

We had chosen that star because it is easy to find, and because of its importance in the ancient star religion of Egypt. The star disappears in May, and reappears 70 days later with its heliacal rising at sunrise. For the ancient Egyptians, the star appeared just before the Nile’s flooding season, so they used it as an indicator of the coming flood.

As a result, they viewed this period as a time of death and rebirth. The Egyptians copied this period in their funeral ceremonies. When a pharaoh died, his body was mummified and then interred. By custom, burial took place 70 days after death, when the king was “reborn” in the stars.

There was no thought at the time Holly was dying that the star rose on her birthday. We had no clue that the star’s heliacal rising was on August 11. This was left for me to discover two decades later by direct observation. But since discovering it, I have regarded it as the greatest of gifts because it intensifies my spiritual connection to my late wife.

It helps me to realize that our connection is truly mystical, that our relationship was preordained in the stars.


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