anti-trump ads

Not being a regular TV viewer and having already voted in the 2016 presidential election, I was interested to learn on the radio recently that Hillary is dusting off Lyndon Johnson’s famous “Daisy Girl” ad against Barry Goldwater from 1964. Apparently, there are no political feces too petrified for use in this election:


Then Youtube’s automatic playback of Hillary’s ads kicked in, I found these extremely interesting, too:




Like I said in an earlier post, I’m out of this election now. I’ve already voted. But if Comey can insert himself into this election at such a late date, and now with the FBI’s latest unexpected release of documents from Bill Clinton’s controversial pardon of Marc Rich (the husband of a Democratic donor who fled to Switzerland after being indicted on tax evasion and other charges), I feel just fine about adding my own two cents. Will the FBI be posting documents on Trump’s housing discrimination in ’70? I don’t think so. They have already lined up in the Republican camp.

I have talked to a few people whom I like and respect who say they’re going to (or have already) vote(d) for Trump. They say: “He is such an obnoxious bully, we need him on America’s side.”

Sorry, but I don’t agree. This bully doesn’t care about anyone or anything but himself. There is not an altruistic, unselfish bone in Trump’s body. Were he elected, it would just be a short matter of time before the American electorate realized it had made a big mistake and made us look more ridiculous to the world.



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