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bigly upset



Thank god the election is over!

Now we can get back to cute puppies on Facebook and I will no longer have to hear from those people who post annoying Donald Trump messages. They will just be smug for a while, and I can take that.

You probably think I should be off somewhere, licking my wounds. I’m not. I’m trying to put a positive light on things… for example, that I will have a new generator next Monday (ask no questions about the long weekend).

I have electrical problems at Estrella Vista, and I must keep this short.

If this election has taught me one thing, it is that conflict in the 21st Century will be framed by the following:

The Empaths vs The Sociopaths

Think about it. I think it fits.



Groove of the Day

Listen to Ben Selvin and the Crooners performing “Happy Days Are Here Again”


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