karaoke night

This film crew is thorough, to say the least. They arrived at about 4:00 am Tuesday, and showed up here at Estrella Vista in the early afternoon. They set up an interview in the house and even made some aerial shots of the property using a drone.

After sundown, I rewarded them with dinner at La Kiva, which was my first experience with a Karaoke Night (but obviously not theirs). It was a delight I was thankfully able to put off for over three decades (except for David Byrne’s depiction of the phenomenon in the 1986 film True Stories—which, according to rock critic Rob Sheffield, was the first depiction of karaoke in American pop culture):



Now I know that Tuesday nights at La Kiva are to be avoided for anyone not interested in sampling Terlingua’s amateur singing talent.




Groove of the Day

Listen to Cyndi Lauper and Peter Kingsbery covering “Walk Away Reneé”


Weather Report

78° and Clear



4 Responses to “karaoke night”

  1. December 12, 2016 at 6:52 am

    “Estrella Vista”
    800 Seaman Road
    HC-65, Box 243 A
    Alpine, TX 79830

    (432) 371-4257


    Dear Family and Friends,

    Authentic issues of “Wandervogel Diary,” passed into the afterlife with Dan L. Dailey in November, 2016. Being his younger brother of five and a half years, I arrived at Estrella Vista – originally named the Wandervogelhaus – on December 11, 2016.

    That date is between the birthdays of Dan and David’s only blood-sister, Mary Christine Dailey Schultz Neumann [12-10-1949], and “baby brother” David Arthur Francis Niklas Dailey [12-12-1953].

    So in the spirit which is part tradition, genetics, respect, and forward searching, I am asking diary readers to respond with their best efforts to keep the vision, mission, goals, and projects of The Redemption Project moving into the right direction.

    What Dan L. attempted was never a one-man-job. He will remain the “face” of the movement and one main source of inspiration for all of us and many more “movers and shakers” to come. I praise Dan’s assignment of Lone Heron to administer The Redemption Project, which I know I could not be successful leading.

    Although I am a writer with great interests in justice, politics, and human development, my focus has been with sports, political satire, public health and safety, and comedy – all kinds of humor, including stand-up entertainment.

    I think humor has its place. In The Redemption Project, it needs to be applied carefully, timely, in the proper situation, among a suitable audience, etc., etc., etc.

    Your support of Lone Heron, Dan’s son Henry, and many others working on the project will be appreciated very much. Where ever I may be writing my funny stuff, I will be praying, hoping, and thinking about your future successes.

    All the best,

    Founder of “The Dailey Sun-Chronicles”

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